You have a friend who is a Star Wars lover, but you aren’t sure what to get them for Christmas. Fear not, because there are many different options for different types of Star Wars fans. Below you’ll find recommendations for the best Star Wars Christmas gifts for adults.

1. Build an R2-D2 replica 

Any Star Wars fan can build a movie-accurate R2-D2 model with Fanhome’s easy-to-use model-building kit. This half-size R2-D2 comes with a built-in camera, sensors, and motors which allow him to interact with his owner and respond to voice commands. He’s an intricate model, but he isn’t difficult to build. The kit arrives in packages every month with detailed and easy-to-follow instructions for every step. This is the kind of gift that works well with any type of Star Wars fan.

Image of an R2-D2 droid buildup together with 2 magazine covers of the model's guides.
Fanhome’s R2-D2 build-up.

2. Learn everything about Star Wars

Your Star Wars obsessed friend can find out everything they’ve ever wanted to know with this incredibly comprehensive 90-book Star Wars encyclopedia. The books give them access to cross sections of starships, insights into characters’ backstories, and the history and facts behind important events. The encyclopedia books, which are delivered in delightful monthly packages, span a total of 5 major categories:

  • Characters and creatures
  • Weapons and technology
  • Galactic atlas
  • Starships and vehicles
  • History and events
  • Droids

Even fans who think they know everything will delight in this collection of fascinating facts they never knew they didn’t know.

Christmas gift: image of the spines of a collection of books with Star Wars Characters in the background.
Full collection of Fanhome’s Star Wars Encyclopedia.

3. Start a Star Wars collection 

Another gift idea is to help your friend with a collection they’ve already started, or to start one for them. Typical Star Wars collections are starship models, character busts, life-size helmets, medals, action figures and lightsabers. Which one of these your friend would enjoy collecting depends on what they love most about Star Wars. Collectibles come in different styles to suit different fan’s preferences. Your friend might absolutely love retro-style character toys with moving parts, or they might prefer something much more realistic and detailed, like the hand-painted Star Wars bust collection and die-cast metal Star Wars spaceships from Fanhome’s collections series.

Other items you can collect aren’t so typical, such as small kitchen appliances. There are a surprising number of Star Wars-themed electrical appliances that include everyday items, like a toaster or hand-held blender, and less frequent ones, like popcorn and waffle making machines. So, if you think your friend would enjoy eating Star Wars shaped waffles, you know what to do.

Busts of Star Wars characters Darth Vafer and two unnamed characters with their light sabers.
Some of the figures that are part of Fanhome’s Star Wars Busts collection.


4. Cook Star Wars cuisine 

How about some creative cooking? A Star Wars-inspired cookbook is a delicious gift idea for Christmas. There are several Star Wars cookbooks with both sweet and savory recipes to follow. Aside from cookbooks, you can also get a Star Wars rolling pin that stamps well-known and well-loved Star Wars images into dough before its cooked. This would delight anyone who enjoys being in the kitchen, and would be great to serve for the next Star Wars board game night.

5. Lose yourself in Star Wars games 

Video games take you on an immersive experience into the Star Wars universe. A variety of games are available which focus on different aspects of Star Wars: adventure games, space combat games, role plays, and for both single and multi-players. You’ll find games for PC, console, and mobiles and tablets. With these gifts, your friends can fight like a pilot, or battle with the dark side in close lightsaber combat, all from the comfort of their sofa.

If you’d prefer to reduce screen time, board games are the way to go. You can get traditional games with a Star Wars twist, or games that have been designed specifically around the Star Wars universe. They can be long strategy games, light-hearted two-player games, cooperative games, and everything in between. With so many types, you aren’t short on options.

6. Own Star Wars technology

Give your Star Wars-loving friend the chance to fight like a true Jedi Knight by giving them their very own lightsaber. Lightsabers on offer include film-accurate models, custom-made models, and models built especially for contact dueling. So, whether your friend would rather display theirs, or find people to battle with, you can’t really go wrong.

For other fans it’s more about droids than it is about action. For those who love Star Wars technology, there are interactive droids. Who hasn’t wanted their very own BB-8 or D-O droid following them around the house? With LED lights, and mobile apps to control them, this is the one for any Star Wars tech lover.

There is such a wide variety of Star Wars gifts that you’ll no doubt find the right one for your friends no matter what their tastes and hobbies. Whether you decide on a cookbook or a lightsaber, a board game or an encyclopedia, it’ll be a Christmas gift to remember.