Scale Modeller Spotlight – World of Wayne

When you first begin building scale models, it’s not always clear if it’s the right hobby for you. But if it sticks, if you catch the building bug, it can quickly become a large part of your life, and if you’re passionate and driven it will stay with you for years or decades to come. With more than 9,000 YouTube subscribers it’s safe to say that scale modeller and hobbyist Wayne Green, aka World of Wayne, has caught the bug! We spoke to him recently about his introduction into the modelling world, his favourite models, and what he loves about the hobby – check it his fascinating responses below!

Image of the DeAgostini Thunderbird 2 model as part of a blog about the ModelSpace scale modeller spotlight on World of Wayne.

World of Wayne’s complete DeAgostini ModelSpace Thunderbird 2 kit


1) How did you get started building scale models?

I can’t really remember how old I was, but back in 1977 I was piecing together large ships from the “Kenner” Star Wars era. I guess my passion for modelling came from this. I always remember my first large scale model. It was a release of the Space Shuttle Enterprise on the back of a Boeing 747. It was only a matter of time before my bedroom was filled with all sorts of Airfix kits, hanging from the ceiling. It’s a shame, I am not sure what happened to that collection but I will remember it with fond memories.


2) What is your favourite part of the model making process?

Two things spark my passion. The initial unboxing. Whether it be a whole model in a box or a part work. The idea that a full model can be made with the pieces in front of you is fascinating. I’m sure everyone has the joy of identifying parts of familiar pieces. The radar dish from the Millennium Falcon, the metal dome from R2-D2, the nose cone from Thunderbird 2. They are instantly recognisable. I also like the finished product. The accomplishment of “I built that”. It has a certain pride to it which is always mirrored when I look back on the builds.

World of Wayne’s DeAgostini ModelSpace R2-D2 Video Build Diary


3) Which of your models are you most proud of and why?

This was is easy. It was the DeAgostini ModelSpace Millennium Falcon build. This was the first time I did a part work model. I had no idea what to expect and everything was new to me. I had never built anything on a large scale and this was a challenge. As you can imagine, having a build over 2 years, a lot of things can happen. Life can deal you blows and this was an escape. I remember finishing issue 100 live on camera and I had tears streaming down my face. It was the Millennium Falcon that sparked my passion for modelling again.

Image of the DeAgostini ModelSpace Millennium Falcon model as part of a blog about the ModelSpace scale modeller spotlight on World of Wayne.

World of Wayne’s complete DeAgostini ModelSpace Millennium Falcon model


4) What is the most challenging part of this model?

Learning the word “patience”. Something that I was sadly lacking before the build started. In fact, that is a tip for all of you. Take your time over all models, it’s not a race. The reason this was such a challenge is that you get to a point in the build where you finish putting everything together and effectively seal the craft. It is not opening again, ever. It is glued shut and if you have to get inside it you will be breaking glued pieces.

Take your time over all models, it’s not a race


5) What is your top building tip for other modellers?

Apart from the patience advice you definitely have to work tidy. Nothing is more demoralising than seeing a screw ping off and never being found again. The carpet monster has eaten lots of parts over the years. This is why my workstation is now clear of any clutter and the carpet is of a short pile. Just a note, putting a sock over the vacuum cleaner hose works wonders finding lost pieces in the carpet!


6) If you could build a scale model of anything, what would you choose and why?

For me this is easy. I have always wanted to build the icons of my youth. A throwback to the 80’s. The first is the robot V.I.N.C.E.N.T. from Disney’s The Black Hole. This was one of my favourite films growing up and I fell in love with this little guy. The second is the spaceship “Thunder Road” from the film “Explorers”. Again, one of my go to movies I had as a child and something which I have since seen out in the marketplace. Of course, nowadays I have to get the go ahead from the wife before I invest on what she calls “another endeavour”.

World of Wayne’s DeAgostini ModelSpace Thunderbird 2 Kit Video Build Diary


Wayne continues to build scale models regularly, and has amassed more than 1,000,000 views across his insightful and entertaining build videos. He recently completed the ModelSpace Thunderbird 2 kit, so make sure to check out his videos and see how it came together! We love seeing regular project updates from our wide scale modelling community, so please share your stories, photos, and videos with us via our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ or Pinterest channels!