8 Everyday Household Problems Solved by a 3D Printer

Where did you leave your keys? How can you keep your towel dry in your tiny bathroom? Who knew you needed an Allen key to put together flat-pack furniture?

Having a 3D printer in the house can solve problems in all areas of the home quickly and easily. Here’s how:

1. The TV Remote has a Mind of its Own

We all do it. You’ve no idea where you’ve left the remote as the theme tune of your most hated programme starts up.

3D Printing Solution: A handy TV remote stand. Never will you be subjected to that programme again.

When it comes to 3D printers almost anything is possible. It could instantly revolutionise your problem solving skills at home.

2. Your Kitchen Draws are Empty

Your whisk breaks mid flow. Your potato masher leaves too many lumps. You have nowhere to rest your spoon while cooking.

3D Printing Solution: Kitchen tools like whisks, spatulas, spoon rests, funnels and pasta cutters can all be printed at home.

3. The Kids are Running Riot

Toys are overflowing in the kids’ bedroom. Clothes are everywhere and you’re running out of space.

3D Printing Solution: Coat hangers are quick and easy to print. Storage boxes can be printed to your exact specifications for innovative home storage solutions.

4. A Small Cluttered Bathroom is Tough with a Family

You’ve nowhere to hang your towels. Your toothbrush sits on the dusty window sill every night.

3D Printing Solution: A simple towel hook to place on the wall can be printed easily. Design and print your own handy toothpaste holder.

5. A Messy Study Hampers the Mind

Having too many wires is becoming a big problem. The shelves are stacked with an ever-expanding collection of books.

3D Printing Solution: Tidy the space quickly and cheaply with cable dividers, book stands and stationary storage.

6. Your Tool Box has Seen Better Days

The new wardrobe has arrived. Easter weekend is here and it’s DIY time, but the contents of your toolbox has gone walkabout all over the garage.

3D Printing Solution: You need an Allen key – no problem. You bought the wrong size of screws – just print them off. You can also upcycle your old tools with a 3D printed cordless drill battery adapter for example.

7. Your Smartphone Ends up in the Foot-well of your Car

You need to go hands-free in the car but too often your new phone ends up by your feet. A cracked screen is never a good look.

3D Printing Solution: A bespoke in-car smartphone holder will make all the difference.

8. You’ve Lost a Car Wheel Trim

Getting to the garage and paying for the fitting just doesn’t fit into your day.

3D Printing Solution: Wheel trims with exact specifications are easy for 3D printers.

When it comes to 3D printers almost anything is possible. It could instantly revolutionise your problem solving skills at home.

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