Sovereign of the Seas: Armaments of the Warship When she was first fitted out, the guns of the Sovereign of the Seas were supplied by...
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Image of the DeAgostini ModelSpace Roman Galley scale model, as part of a blog about the Roman Galley's history.

Roman Galley Ship - Bring the Past to Life Are you looking for a new hobby or craft project to work on with your kids?...
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Belem Ship - History of the French Three-Masted Barque Classified as a Historical Monument in 1984, nowadays the Belem ship is used for civilian training....
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Image of the ModelSpace 1:250 scale Battleship Yamato, as part of a blog about the Yamato's history and facts.

Battleship Yamato - History and Facts | ModelSpace Throughout history, there have been some true leviathans of the sea in the form of elite battleships....
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Image of the ModelSpace 1:48 HMS Bounty admiralty model, as part of a blog about the HMS Bounty facts and history.

HMS Bounty: Facts and History The HMS Bounty, also known as the HM Armed Vessel Bounty, was a merchant vessel that the Royal Navy purchased...
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Image of the Fanhome 1:8 scale Knight Rider car replica, as part of a blog about the K.I.T.T. Knight Rider car.

Knight Rider Car - The History and Features of K.I.T.T. We all have our favourite TV characters, the ones we tune in to see each...