Image of the HMS Victory Scale Model

A Truly First Rate Ship: The Legend of Lord Nelson's HMS Victory Now nestled in the historic dockyard at HMNB in Portsmouth, the HMS Victory...
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Image of scale modelling cutting board with polaroids of various De Agostini ModelSpace scale models, as cover image for a blog about the ModelSpace January scale modeller of the month - Graeme Pemberton.

ModelSpace Scale Modeller of the Month – January 2018 For some people, scale modelling is a part-time hobby, something to fill the time in between...
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Scale Model Tips: Achieving Correctly Sized and Square Gun Ports Gun Ports The first step is to make a perfect jig/pattern of the required size.The jig...
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Background Image for ModelSpace Ships Category

HMS Victory: Naval Discipline in the Age of Nelson "Do not you know that you are under martial law? That if you was to stir...
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Image of a man building a ModelSpace scale model, as part of a blog about large scale model kits

Large Scale Model Kits - ModelSpace Top Picks Scale models come in many sizes, and each size or scale comes with its own positives, and...
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Image of 4 Iron Man Armors on display: Mark I, Mark II Mark III., and Mark IV.

The evolution of Iron Man's armor The constant evolution of Iron Man’s iconic armor has captured our imagination because of its ever-changing nature. And here...