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Unlike the large scale models that we offer as subscriptions or full kits, our diecast models come pre-made and ready to display. With such a wide range available, it might seem daunting for the novice collector to decide exactly which diecast models they should add to their collection. Fear not! Whether you’re just starting out, or looking to add to your extensive range, we’ve prepared a list of our best diecast models – ready for you to take home today!

Image of DeAgostini ModelSpace diecast model wwii tanks, as part of a blog about our best diecast models.


Dinky Toys and Dinky Trucks

Our Dinky Toys and Dinky Trucks ranges contain beautiful replicas of the original diecast models from the 1960s and 1970s. Features of these range include accurate metal replicas complete with opening parts, the same colours and insignias of the originals, and boxes featuring the original Dink Toys design. Here are just a few of the famous Dinky Toys and Dinky Trucks you can add to your diecast models collection:

  • Peugeot 204
  • Renault 12 Gordini
  • Simca 1100
  • Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600
  • Citroën DS 19 Police
  • Studebaker Tapissiere
  • Ford Esso Tank
  • Panhard Semi-trailer Calberson
  • Peugeot J7 Motorway

Image of DeAgostini ModelSpace Dinky Toys diecast model cars, as part of a blog about our best diecast models.


Diecast Buses and Coaches

The wheels on diecast buses and coaches may not go round and round, but they’re captured perfectly in miniature detail! Immerse yourself in the world of public transport with our best diecast models of vintage coaches and legendary coaches. These unique series capture the history and beauty of some of the world’s most famous buses and coaches, including: 

  • Ikarus 66
  • Bedford VAL
  • Mercedes Benz O 3500
  • Krupp Titan O 80
  • Leyland RTW
  • Fiat 306 Interurbano
  • Volvo B 375
  • GMC B School Bus
  • Star N 52

Image of DeAgostini ModelSpace diecast model legendary coaches, as part of a blog about our best diecast models.


Diecast trams, trains, and locomotives

Combining sleek designs, engineering prowess and enduring longevity, there’s a lot to love about the world’s vast variety of trams, trains, and locomotives. With our comprehensive collections of diecast trams, diecast electric trains, and diecast legendary trains, there’s something for every diecast model enthusiast! If you’re not sure which diecast model to add to your collection, here is a short selection of the transport icons available:

  • Orient Express
  • SVT 877 Flying Hamburger
  • Santa Fe Super Chief
  • NS 1200
  • SBB CE 6/8 Crocodile
  • SNCF CC-40100
  • San Francisco Cable Car
  • Zurich Elephant CE 4/4 Tram
  • Barcelona Tramvia Blau

Image of DeAgostini ModelSpace diecast model legendary locomotives, as part of a blog about our best diecast models.


Diecast military models

On the ground and in the air, the second world war saw a host of innovative armoured vehicles and aircraft that truly changed the world as we know it. If military models are your area of interest, you can’t go past our Tanks of WWII and Fighters of the Aces of WWII diecast collections, which include these stunning wartime replicas: 

  • Infantry Tank MK IV Churchill VII
  • Sturmmörserwagen 606/4 Sturmtiger Tank
  • Cruiser Tank MK VIA Crusader
  • Panzerjäger Tiger (P) Elefant (SD.KFZ. 184)
  • Messerschmitt ME 262
  • Lockheed P-38 Lightning
  • Supermarine Spitfire MK VA
  • Mitsubishi Zero
  • Focke-Wulf FW 190D

Image of DeAgostini ModelSpace diecast model wwii fighter planes, as part of a blog about our best diecast models.


Starting a diecast model collection, and watching it grow, is a truly rewarding hobby for any scale model enthusiast. Whether you’re on the hunt for classic cars, or looking for your next electric train, our different diecast model series have you covered! So take your time, explore the range, and take advantage of our bronze, silver, and gold collector offers for some great savings on our best diecast models!