Lamborghini Huracán: RC Scale Model vs Full Size

As the newest member of the Lamborghini family, the Huracán delivers a powerful combination of technology, strength, and immaculate design. In recognition of this incredible supercar, DeAgostini ModelSpace are proud to release the exclusive, beautifully conceived RC 1:10 scale model Huracán.

Our scale model may only be one-tenth the size of the actual Huracán, but it is set to punch above its weight in the realm of RC racing cars. To give you a better idea of exactly how it stacks up against the real deal, we’ve decided to put together a head to head comparison of the two machines.

Infographic comparing a scale model RC Lamborghini Huracan to the real thing.

Size Comparison

Weighing in at 1422kg, and with a total width of 1924mm, the real life Lamborghini Huracán maintains a power-weight ratio to enable precision racing no matter the conditions.

The RC 1:10 scale model has a total weight of 1800g and a width of 200mm. This gives it a very even distribution, which is ideal for how low it is to the ground.

Under the Hood

This is where both versions show their true potential.

The real life Huracán boasts a 5200cc V10 90o IDS 40 valve engine, 108 litre petrol fuel tank, 7 speed LDF dual-clutch transmission, and a double wishbone suspension crafted from aluminium.

The RC 1:10 scale model is equipped with a 3cc Nitro single-cylinder two-stroke engine, 70 millilitre methanol, nitromethane, oil fuel tank, 2 speed automatic belt driven transmission, and independent coil spring, adjustable shock absorbers.

What this gives you, the driver of one of these awesome automobiles, is a perfect mix of precision and power that places both cars at the front of their respective classes.

Whichever version you choose to drive, you can now be certain that you have one of the best cars on the market. While we don’t offer the real thing, the 1:10 scale model Lamborghini Huracán is exclusive to DeAgostini ModelSpace, so click here to start your very own subscription of this phenomenal model today: