Build and Drive your Own RC Scale Model of Sebastian Vettel’s Red Bull Racing RB7

This amazing 1:7 scale radio-controlled nitro model of Red Bull Racing’s championship-winning RB7 is available now at ModelSpace.


  1. 32 quid x 25 times. 750 quid… bargain?

    • Always remember, quality doesn’t come cheap. Considering the amount of effort and expense DeAgostini put into producing their models its a fair price. Also its sent in bite size chunks, so it appeals to all, as this makes it affordable. Its a tried and tested formula that customers like.

  2. Where do i find the instructions to build the red bull car?

    • These are sent by e-mail when you subscribe. When your first set of parts are dispatched you are sent a link by e-mail. You click on the link and log on to the instructions website using the temporary password you are sent with the e-mail. Upon logging in, you change your password to something that you can remember. From then on the process is the same. Every time your next pack is despatched, you are sent the link to download the build instructions.

  3. Am I alone in the seemingly never ending “missing Instructions” emails ? I get emails saying the next pack has been dispatched, but there are no links or attachments – only had one set of instructions so far (just had pack 4)